There are countless water purifiers on the market, but none that I’ve seen quite like CrazyCap. This unique water bottle will purifier your water on the go without the need for replacement filters. CrazyCap uses a hi-tech filtration system that utilizes UV-C LED light-ray technology to eliminate 99% of bacteria and viruses. It comes with two modes: normal and crazy; tap the cap sensor twice to activate Normal Mode sterilization (public fountains, tap water, etc), and five times for Crazy Mode Sterilization (lake water, pond water, etc).

CrazyCap lasts a half-million water treatments and can work for an entire week on a single charge. The cap includes an auto-clean mode, so you can always be sure your bottle is sanitized and safe to drink from.

Does CrazyCap fit on other water bottles?

CrazyCap comes with its own bottle, however, it also fits on other major water bottle brands. A few of compatible brands include MIRA, BonBon, Sportneer, Live Long Life, La Vida, S’well, S’ip by S’well, Manna, POP, Sunsella, Aorin, Inosu, Simple Modern, Chilly’s, and HoneyHolly.