What are cutting tools, and why should one invest in them

Recently, many people have started to become interested in doing small and basic projects by themselves – projects such as handyman work, handmade crafts, woodwork, etc. However, to accomplish these projects, one needs to be equipped with the right tools and materials to make the job easier and smoother.

One of the must-own and necessary tools to have in a workspace is a cutting tool – whether it is a scissor, utility knife, box cutter, or any other type of cutting tool. However, the most important thing to consider when investing in a cutting tool is the extent of safety that it provides to its users.

For instance, many cutting tools are not equipped with the right features that provide safety throughout the cutting process, which puts users in harm.

So, when choosing a cutting tool, ensure you invest in a type that has numerous safety features and provides users with as much protection as possible.

Different types of cutting tools

Due to numerous research studies and collecting reviews and feedback from customers, companies understood that there was a demand for different types of cutting tools. So, looking through the types of cutting tools offered by Klein Tools, DeWalt and Slice Products, one will be able to find a manual utility knife – which is able to accomplish basic cutting tasks, a switchblade utility knife, an edge box cutter, a multipurpose utility knife, etc.

Hence, when choosing which type of cutting tool to invest in, one needs to pay attention to its properties and offered features. Investing in the right cutting tool will allow one to finish the project at hand easily, safely, and smoothly.

How to accurately use cutting tools to ensure safety

Even though most cutting tools are equipped with numerous safety features- such as a finger-friendly blade tip – one needs to be aware of the correct ways of using the tool.

One misunderstood concept by many people is the usage of the lock feature. Many people think that the lock feature can only be used after the cutting process. However, the cutting tool can be used to fix the blade in its place during the cutting process, which allows users to have more control and grip over the tool. The additional control decreases the chances of the tool slipping from one’s hand and causing any accidents.

Additionally, changing the blade whenever it loses its sharpness is important. A blade tip that is not sharp enough can cause many accidents. To further elaborate, when the tip is not sharp enough to cut through a surface, one will put additional pressure on it, leading to the tool slipping from their hands and causing accidents.

Hence, to ensure a safer cutting experience, it is suggested to use the lock feature and ensure that the blade is sharp enough.

4 safe cutting tools that one should own in their workplace

1. Manual utility knife

The manual utility knife is one of the commonly used cutting tools. The tool is equipped with numerous safety features, like the finger-friendly zirconium oxide blade and the lock feature.

In addition to the safety features, the zirconium oxide makes the tool a longer-lasting one – since it has high levels of rust resistance.

2. Ceramic box cutter

The ceramic box cutter became one of the safest cutting tools available in the market. The ceramic used to create the blade has made the tool stronger, even though it is finger-friendly. With a strong blade, this type of cutting tool also has a longer-lasting product life-cycle, making investing in it worthwhile.

3. Auto-retractable utility knife

The auto-retractable utility knife is famous for its unique feature. Many people have used a cutting tool in a hurry and have forgotten to slip the blade back into its frame – which has led to some serious injuries. The auto-retractable utility knife is useful for those who intend to use the cutting tool in a hurry.

The unique feature of this type is that with a single button, one will be able to slide the sharp blade into its place, without wasting any time.

4. Switchblade utility knife

Lastly, with the switchblade utility knife, people are able to use the tool for numerous kinds of projects. The switchblade utility knife gives users the opportunity to switch the blades according to the task at hand.

Thus, with this type, users will be ensured they are using the right tool for a specific project, decreasing their chances of accidents.


To sum up, cutting tools are now equipped with numerous safety features, such as the lock feature, finger-friendly blades, etc. Nevertheless, it is important to use the tools in an accurate manner, purchase the right tools for the project, and take good care of the blades to ensure they are sharp enough to cut through the materials and surfaces.