Otto Wilde Grillers Sets New Grilling Benchmark with 1500 ̊F Gas Grill

Vegans beware, this post is not for you.

After a mega successful Kickstarter (raising over $350,000 within 4 weeks), German startup Otto Wilde Grillers is on a mission to change the way we grill at home, and I for one am not mad about it.

Otto Wilde Grillers Grill

Setting their sites on creating “The Perfect Steak,” Otto developed the O.F.B. (Over-Fired Broiler), an infrared gas grill that reaches up to 1500 ̊F. These temperatures are vital for a perfectly cooked steak to develop the charred crust on the outside, while remaining tender and juicy in the inside.

Otto’s O.F.B. uses some of the same technology you might see in broilers at prime US steak houses. The primary difference from a traditional grill, and what might be its secret sauce, is how the heat is distributed. The heat is emitted from the top two infrared burners, so the steak is evenly cooked and the flame isn’t interrupted by dripping fat and meat juices. After just three minutes of pre-heating, the burners reach temperatures of over 900 ° C.

Best of all, its sleek design makes it easy to keep it clean. Watch Pitmaster X‘s review of the O.F.B. below to learn more.

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