I’m an avid collector, from the new craze of NFTs to Pokemon, Football, Basketball, and now, playing cards.

My favorite company making premium playing cards is Theory 11. I first learned about Theory 11 when I worked for David Copperfield in Las Vegas. His team showed me their products when they were in their early stages, and I couldn’t get enough of their designs and collaborations.

The latest to come from the Theory 11 studio is this awesome Avengers: The Infinity Saga playing cards pack. You can really tell how much time goes into these collaborations with how intricate the playing cards’ cases are. In this case, you really get the Infinity Gauntlet vibe with the case’s metallic sheen. It’s a beauty!

Avengers Playing Cards

Unboxing Theory 11 Avengers Playing Cards

I ordered three packs of the Theory 11 Avengers Playing Cards: 1 to unbox on YouTube, 1 to give away, and 1 to hold on to for a long, long time. I’m a collector at heart and can see these worth something in the future. Watch me unbox and show off this new pack from Theory 11 below: