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NoMad Playing Cards by Theory11

NoMad Playing Cards by Theory11

Theory11 has just unveiled their latest deck of playing cards produced in collaboration with The NoMad Hotel in New York City. Inspired by the hotel’s history, and the players who made it famous, the NoMad Playing Cards are a fusion of beauty and elegance.

charity: water Playing Cards by Theory11

We’ve covered charity: water before back when Justin Boreta of The Glitch Mob teamed up with SOMA Water. Now the popular magic gear site Theory11 is collaborating with a limited edition deck of playing cards.

PAGAN Custom Playing Cards

PAGAN Custom Playing Cards

Pagan isn’t your ordinary pack of playing cards. Using traditional oils, each card has a hand painted design on it with the theme of European Pagan festivals and costumes.

Vandal Playing Cards

Marc Jacobs Vandal Playing Cards

Let’s face it, you hear Marc Jacobs and are probably confused at who he is. Your significant other is more likely to know, seeing as he is well known in the fashion world.

Wooden Deck of Cards

Wooden Playing Cards

Step up your poker game with this beautiful deck of wooden playing cards. These are the kind of cards you play with while sipping whiskey and smoking a cigar

Legend of Zelda Playing Cards

Legend of Zelda Playing Cards

Nerd out with these Legend of Zelda Playing Cards. Created by the US Playing Card Company, the same company that produces everyone’s favorite Bicycle decks.

Bicycle Guardians – Playing Cards

The new hotness coming out of Theory11 is the Bicycle Guardians Playing Cards. They’re stunning to look at with their unique color and beautiful designs. See more photos after the jump…