AXE White Label Night and Sam Hunt

I’m sure most men can agree, we tend to grow out of the products we once used back in our teen years. AXE understands this, and that’s why they’re going through a bit of a rebrand.

Take the AXE White Label for example. I received the White Label’s NIGHT in the mail and was immediately taken back by its packaging. The same AXE logo we’re use to, but with a sleek, matte white finish and bold bottle design. Not to mention its scent, a cool rush of grapefruit, lavender, cedarwood and praline notes. Those aren’t the flavors of a boy, but a man.

This of course doesn’t mean a young man growing up can’t take note of AXE’s White Label or Black Label products. Heck, if I could somehow speak to my younger self, I would give all-sorts of styling and grooming advice. Such as, always have a well tailored suit, a killer leather jacket, proper dress shoes, and AXE’s White Label NIGHT. You gotta stay fresh, young man.

AXE partnered with country music star, Sam Hunt to talk about his style, tour life, and where he finds confidence as a musician. To see four exclusive performance videos of Hunt and discover more about the White Label and Black Label collections from AXE, visit Stage Pass over on

This post was graciously sponsored by Lunch Box. All opinions are my own.

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