I had to turn my TV off after seeing one of those dreadful, kid directed back-to-school commercials. You know the kind, where every kid in the commercial actually looks stoked to go back-to-school, and is jamming out to some song while shopping for pencils and paper. It’s just not realistic. Whenever these would come on when I was a kid I would miraculously develop a stomachache or fever as if by some magic.

This wasn’t exactly the case for my college years, though. In fact, I loved the feeling of reinventing myself on the return to school. Shopping for back to college essentials the weeks leading up to the semester’s start was always a good time for me.

I’ve partnered with Unilever and Target to help share their Back to College Essentials Quiz. In just a few clicks, the personality test will hand select products that fit the description of your style and personality. There’s even a $5 Starbucks gift card to be had!

Below you will find the results I received after taking their 1-2 minute quiz. The featured image above showcases the products respective packaging in order from left-to-right.

  • AXE® Black Deodorant
    Subtly fresh. Don’t just not smell bad; smell great with combined notes of bergamot, fresh rosemary, and soothing cedar wood scent of AXE® Black Deodorant.
  • Dove® Men+Care™ Aqua Impact Body And Face Bar
    A cool kick of freshness. Cleanse your skin and fight dryness with the aromatic marine scent of Dove® Men+Care™ Aqua Impact Body and Face Bar. After you finish the experience, head to target.com and buy three Dove® products and get a $5 Target gift card!
  • AXE® Smooth Look Shine Hair Pomade
    Sophisticated, but laid back. Sculpt a sleek look for short or mid-length hair and impress your new dorm-mates with AXE® Smooth Look Shine Hair Pomade.
  • Schick Hydro® 5
    Help protect your skin from irritation with a unique hydrating gel reservoir* that provides instant lubrication protection with Schick Hydro® 5 and hydrates up to one hour after shaving.
  • Dove® Men+Care™ Aqua Impact Shampoo
    In the thick of it. Strengthen hair with caffeine and ocean minerals for thicker, more resilient hair with Dove® Men+Care™ Aqua Impact Shampoo. After you finish the experience, head to target.com and buy three Dove® products and get a $5 Target gift card!

Click the image below and take the quiz to find your perfect back-to-college essentials, courtesy of Unilever and Target.

Unilever & Target's #MyCollegeChecklist

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