I may not have a magnificent beard like my friend MaxNoSleeves, but I do know how filthy it can become. Look at this stallion.

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I was recently introduced to Beard Paw, a 100% cotton beard wipe designed to give any bearded fellow a refreshingly rugged clean feeling. Use it whenever your beard needs a boost, like after a grizzly meal or a long flight. What makes the product attractive – outside of their simple, yet sleek packaging – is their lack of ingredients. The last thing any manly man wants is a bunch hard to pronounce chemicals infiltrating their chin forest.

Beard Paw Ingredients: Mild soap for cleansing, grapeseed and aloe oils for conditioning, and cedar and eucalyptus to finish you off with a cool, refreshed feeling.

Some men are grizzlier than others, so Beard Paw has created multiple package options depending on your use. If you want to start small and see how you like them (wimp), you can go with their Bear Cub 12 Pack ($9 USD). Or if you were me, you would become a member and pay $16.50 per month for the 48 pack membership. But you’re not me; I’m me.