I’m not saying black is solely a man’s color, but when it comes to black-on-black, or as the kids call it, “murdered out,” I like to think that’s pretty manly. This Father’s Day, when looking for the perfect gift for dear old dad, take a look at the Goby All-Black Brush Kit.

Unlike other boring toothbrushes, you’ll want this black beauty on your bathroom counter. Inside its all-black packaging you will find the following: Goby brush, brush head, hygienic stand, USB charging shell, USB converter, and brush head cover.

What's inside the Goby brush kit

One thing I think we can all relate to is the fact that we don’t take care of our teeth as well as we should. A key component to proper dental hygiene is changing your toothbrush on a semi-regular basis. Since most put this task off, Goby has created a brush head subscription that will deliver you fresh brushes anywhere as often as 1-3 months directly to your door.

Learn more about the Goby All-Black Brush Kit here.