Doesn’t matter if you’re a teenager or adult, acne is never a welcomed sight. No matter the weird places you might get it. Luckily for us, there’s a killer spot treatment from ZIRH.

ZIRH FIX Blemish Control Gel

ZIRH FIX Spot Treatment

FIX from ZIRH works in more ways than one. While it’s doing the most obvious, like eliminating blackheads and blemishes, it’s also taking care of discoloration and other imperfections. But that’s not all. Because its key ingredient is Glycolic Acid, which helps with the growth of new skin cells, it also promotes the removal of brown spots, impurities, fine lines, dry patches, and oil. Additionally, the Salicylic Acid used is an antiseptic and antibacterial agent from wintergreen oil to help decrease itching and redness. Finally, Lemon Oil is an astringent and disinfectant- restoring the skin’s natural pH.

USAGE: Apply a small amount over the affected areas. You can put FIX on any pimple, blemish or ingrown hair. Use twice daily, less if drying occurs. For very oily skin, spread a thin layer over oily areas.