Is there anything better than free samples? How about smelling fresh for free?

Walmart is giving away free samples of Dove, Degree, and AXE Dry Spray products for you to test out, redeemable online.

You can view the entire antiperspirant lineup on Walmart’s sample landing page here or by clicking the image below:

Dry Sprays at Walmart

So how do dry spray products differ from your regular roll-on deodorant/antiperspirant? For one thing, it’s in the name. Whether you’re attending a sporting event, going to the gym, or a busy traveler like myself, knowing the dry spray will give me 48-hours of protection is a no brainer. What’s more is how it sprays on dry and is simple to apply.

Personally, these free samples from Walmart couldn’t have come at better time. I’m an active user of the Dove and AXE dry sprays and have almost ran out. I always keep one in my laptop bag and gym bag so I’m fresh wherever I end up. Currently I’m on my last AXE Island Dry Spray.

If you’re curious to see what others think about dry sprays, follow the hashtag #TryDry on Instagram and Twitter. Once you get your free sample from Walmart, share your review of the spray you chose and share your experience using #TryDry and #Walmart on social.

Grab your free sample today by visiting Walmart’s Dry Spray landing page.

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