Old Spice is launching something new and exciting this March, and it’s not a new product. Well, maybe there will be a new product, but that’s not what we’re talking about here.

Launching on March 1 in Columbus, Ohio will be Old Spice’s first-ever brick-and-mortar storefront and barbershop. But this isn’t your everyday barbershop, it will double as a content studio where celebrity guests, influencers, and guests will be able to create content while getting their grooming on.

The iconic Old Spice brand is making hair-story with their first brick-and-mortar storefront + barbershop, launching March 1 in the bustling city of Columbus, Ohio!

Old Spice Barber Shop front desk
Old Spice Barbershop Front Desk

Old Spice Barber Shop Stations Old Spice Shop in Ohio

With social media playing such a vital role these days, it’s no surprise one of the most iconic grooming brands with some of the best social content would provide a fully-functioning content studio. The Old Spice Barbershop will also feature a celebrity barber residency program where celebrity barbers can provide their clientele of actors, athletes, and musicians a new place to get cleaned up, while also making fresh content for their social platforms.

Guests strolling through to check out the new store will also be pleased to see some fun Old Spice Easter eggs scattered throughout the shop, like an actual wooden boat chopped in half for the reception desk or 3D models of various cuts and styles to reimagine the traditional menu of services offered.

If it weren’t for the pandemic, I would most definitely fly to Columbus to spend a few days in the city and experience the new barbershop and Old Spice store. What about you?