Over the last decade Old Spice has continuously reinvented themselves with clever marketing, loveable characters, and new products that guys love. The latest launch is the Hardest Working Collection, a product lineup featuring legendary protection for legendary men. Don’t let me convince you, allow Bob Giovanni (Old Spice’s new mascot) to give you the 1-800-PROVE-IT money back guarantee pitch.

If you’re wondering why Bob Giovanni looks and sounds so familiar, it’s because you have probably heard his voice before. Giovanni is played by Steven Ogg, the same man that voiced Trevor Philips in GTA V.

The Hardest Working Collection consists of three new products:

Old Spice Hardest Working Collection

Odor Blocker Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant

Available scents include: New Lasting Legend, Pure Sport Plus, Stronger Swagger, Extra Fresh and Tougher Timber. 

Sweat Defense Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant

Available scents include new Lasting Legend, Pure Sport Plus, Stronger Swagger, Extra Fresh and Fresher Fiji. 

Dirt Destroyer Body Wash

Available scents include new Lasting Legend, Pure Sport Plus and Stronger Swagger.

The news of the Hardest Working Collection is just the tip of the iceberg. Old Spice has teamed up with Tough Mudder as the official Men’s Body Wash and Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant Partner of the epic obstacle series. No quitters allowed here, folks.

The Tough Mudder course is the perfect place to put the legendary new scents and protection of the Hardest Working Collection to the test. If you’re attending the Tough Mudder as a contestant you will have to trek through Old Spice’s co-branded obstacle, the Mud Mile 2.0. Later, when it’s time to get clean, grab yourself a bottle of the Dirt Destroyer body wash and scrub down at one of Old Spice’s post-event rinse stations. Along with the Hardest Working Collection, participants will also receive Old Spice Hair product at all U.S. 2016 events.

“Old Spice is a perfect partner for Tough Mudder, and we’re excited to introduce its new Hardest Working Collection to our participants in 2016,” said Will Dean, CEO and founder of Tough Mudder. “With more than 20 obstacles over 10 miles, Mudders face extreme physical challenges that require teamwork and mental grit. They deserve products that will meet their needs, and the Hardest Working Collection will keep them fresh no matter what they face on course.”

I’m really looking forward to witnessing my first Tough Mudder in person. No, I will not be a participant; just an enthusiastic attendee hoping to see a few of you there. Visit ToughMudder.com for a list of event dates and locations.

Watch the three other commercials Old Spice made for the Hardest Working Collection:

Old Spice – Rocket Car

Old Spice – Whale

Old Spice – Dirt Destroyer (1-800-PROVE-IT)