We all know you’re a legend, but are you part of a #LegendaryTeam? If not, it’s time to start scouting your A-list comrades.

From August 3 through August 17, Old Spice and Tough Mudder wants you to submit a picture of your #LegendaryTeam and describe why your team is legendary. Put it on Instagram or Twitter using #LegendaryTeam for a chance to win an Old Spice all-expenses paid trip for you and three friends to the Tough Mudder Las Vegas, October 29-30.

If you’re with Old Spice, you know it’s going to be epic. Just look at the photos I snapped from Tough Mudder Kentucky a few months back. EPIC!!!

To learn more and review the full contest details, visit ToughMudder.com/Legendary-Teams, then come back between August 18-25 to vote for your favorites. Don’t worry if you don’t win the trip, Tough Mudder and Old Spice will have some cool prizes for you along the way, including the Old Spice Hardest Working Collection – the most powerful Old Spice anti-perspirants and body washes in the world and my favorite collection of theirs to date.

Be #Smellegendary at Tough Mudder