Men, it’s ok to admit that we actually care how our hair looks. When it comes down to it, there’s a certain confidence we gain when our coiffure looks its best, because bad hair days are the worst!

There are many quick fixes that will have you taming your hair in no time, but I’m more interested in the ones that will help going forward. It’s all about the long game, my man.

Wash Your Hair… Regularly

Oily, dirty hair is no longer the trend we’re looking for. In fact, I don’t know why it ever became popular. Probably because of the vampire teen craze. Did your significant other really find that attractive?

Man washing his hair in shower

Make sure you’re washing your hair on a regular basis. Depending on your hair type you may have to adjust frequency of washes, and whether or not you use shampoo more or less. I recommend throwing in a moisturizing conditioner too while you’re at it. This will help keep your hair looking clean and more importantly healthy.

Avoid going to bed with wet hair

If you’re a person that likes to shower before bed, make sure you completely dry your hair before going to sleep. Unless of course bed head is your hairstyle of choice, but then why would you be reading this post?

Why you shouldn't go to bed with wet hair

I personally recommend showering in the morning so you can avoid any chance possible of having a bad hair day right from the start. Reshaping your hairstyle from scratch is much easier than working with a hairdo that’s already out of whack.

Use the right product

You would be surprised how many people don’t use the right product for their hair. It’s like putting unleaded in a sports car; clearly the incorrect choice. Two common types of hair products men use are putty and pomade, both of which Old Spice makes great versions of. Best of all, the amazing scent scientists that make Old Spice’s deodorants and body washes smell so good are present in their hair products.

Old Spice Putty for that disheveled look: High hold and matte finish. I’ve found this to be a go-to on those bad hair days. I like to keep it in my backpack wherever I go.

Old Spice Hair Putty

Old Spice Hair Putty

Old Spice Pomade for that clean cut look: Medium hold and matte finish. Similar to the putty, Old Spice’s Spiffy Pomade is perfect for those bad hair days.

Old Spice Hair Pomade

Hats are a quick fix

Bad hair days can put you in a pretty sour mood. Sometimes you have to concede and just let it be. For those unfortunate instances where your hair defeats you, I recommend throwing on your favorite hat. Chances are your hair was being stubborn and just needed a day off, so let it be and try again tomorrow.

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