How does one celebrate being the “World’s Oldest Barber”? With cake of course.

Gillette helped Anthony Mancinelli celebrate his 105th birthday on March 2, 2016, surrounded by his colleagues and family. But that wasn’t all. The Orange County Legislature has dedicated March 2nd as Anthony Mancinelli Day.

So why did Gillette help a man who has dedicated more than three-quarters of his life (started when he was 12) to cutting hair? As one of the world’s leading grooming companies, Gillette has been in business for nearly 115 years. In fact, you will see in the video above where a Gillette representative presents Mancinelli with an original advertisement for Gillette dated back in 1911. This was the year he was born, and represents the long journey he has had alongside Gillette helping men stay groomed.

With over 100-years under his belt, Anthony Mancinelli can shave me any day.