We’re halfway through 2022, which means there has been plenty of time for new trends to secure their place as a firm favorite for decor inspiration. Whether you’re looking to make small changes that have a big impact or are looking for dramatic changes that completely transform your home, there are tons of home decor trends in 2022 to suit everyone. We’ve pulled inspiration from some of the best design magazines to bring you the top trending home decor inspiration for 2022. Let’s dive in.

Vogue: Shades Of Brown And Nature-Inspired Surfaces

Vogue is one of the most credited magazines for fashion and interior decor, so when they speak, we listen. According to vogue, shades of brown and nature-inspired surfaces are in for 2022. Think wooden flooring, natural oak surfaces, stoneware, terracotta, and marble. Parquet flooring, bamboo, and recycled materials should also be considered for that desirable nature-inspired surface.

Or, think about using colors and how they can blend with nature-inspired services to create an authentic, natural, and beautiful home. Vogue thinks the neutral tones that have dominated interior decor trends for some time now are soon to take a back seat, with colors like chocolate brown, terracotta tones, and earthy browns expected to take their place.

Good House Keeping: Pattern Play

Pattern play is not for the faint-hearted – get it wrong, and you might leave guests feeling a little bit faint themselves. Get pattern play right, and you’ll leave guests amazed at the quirky, unique, and standout feature that pattern play brings.

Patterns aren’t limited to stripes or circles. Think outside the box and go for floral, natural, or animal-based designs that bring rooms to life. Good House Keeping thinks that mixing patterned walls with stone, wood, or brick flooring that brings shape and form to the room is the best way to offset a patterned wall and prevent it from looking chaotic. Herringbone or chevron work the best, according to Good House Keeping.

Real Homes: Modern Artisan

There was once a decor trend of rustic, dated, and classic that many interior designers favored when wanting to give a home an authentic and unique interior. Vintage was very much in, but now it’s very much out, according to Real Homes, who thinks modern artisan is the way forward. There is still an element of that classic farmhouse, rustic look that appealed to designers carried through to the new artisan trend. Real Homes thinks this trend is guided by natural patterns, hues, and organic forms in raw materials – wood and rattan being two prime examples.

Wood and natural vibes seem to be the theme of 2022, which in the case of modern artisan, is easy to achieve with wicker features, natural tones, and patterns thrown in to offset the somewhat simple appearance of the artisan decor trend.

There are tons of other home decor trends for 2022, and the beauty is very much in the eye of the beholder. What decor trend appeals to you depends on your personal style and desires for your home. There are tons of articles online showing the best decor trends for 2022.