We certainly love to accessorize our homes. From top-notch entertainment systems, to cool features and furniture, our homes are where we spend a lot of our downtime and it is a place that we want to enjoy. Every week there is a new gadget on the market with the promise to improve our lives and our homes. Let’s start with entertainment because after all, that is certainly the most exciting part of our houses, right?

Add some cool tech to your living space

Bringing the music home!

Most of us play films and music at home and a lot of use will use our Netflix accounts, Apple account or Amazon to watch some of the brand new releases. The same applies to music, most of us will play our music through YouTube or maybe even Spotify. Both are highly recommended for people who enjoy listening to music at home and want access to all types of entertainment. What if you want to impress your friends and make your home a cool place to entertain? So what accessories can we buy to really amplify and highlight these cool systems?

Speaker systems – We all need a great sound system because that is what gives any music or film some type of in depth and crisp sound. With a good sound system you can fully enjoy the music, hearing things and instruments that you haven’t picked up on before with regular headphones. With Q Acoustics 3020i you can place your speakers right on the bookshelf and listen to the sound quality.

Lighting – Adding some ambient lighting is going to really improve the way in which you enjoy your entertainment. By using coloured lights to set the scene, it will really give a cool feel to any room, whether it’s adding some red lighting to your horror film, or some relaxing golden hues as you listen to your favourite music, either way, lighting is going to really enhance your home. You can look at LEDs or any type of lighting that is either electric or battery powered. There are plenty of choices on the market.

Outdoor entertainment – As summer approaches, you will probably be living outdoors more. You will want to start having friends over (when it’s possible to do so) and enjoy sports or movies outdoors, but what is the best TV to have outside? The Samsung Terrace TV is a great choice and is highly recommended. So be sure to start looking into these and saving up on your budget to buy one of these cool TVs.

Having a cool home doesn’t have to be expensive but it will be impressive and it will make your home time even more enjoyable if you have the accessories to back it up. Be sure to add some cool other features too, maybe a popcorn machine, a Slushy machine or coffee maker, all of these can add even more value and impress your friends when they finally come over. Tech is cool, so start looking at how you can utilise the digital era to your advantage.