Soon you will have a new family member to welcome into your home. Meet Kuri, the cute little home robot created by Mayfield Robotics, a start-up from Bosch.

Kuri was unveiled at CES this week, with a launch date in the United States toward the end of 2017. Standing at about 50 centimeters tall, this friendly home robot comes equipped with a microphone, loudspeakers, a camera, and multiple sensors. While it moves around your house it is continuously taking notes of the layout to find the shortest route possible. Kuri will even interact with residents in a unique fashion. For instance, when he sees the father, he reacts differently than when he runs into his young daughter.

Kuri Connects

Kuri Inspires

Kuri was the result of Mayfield Robotics’ 30+ robotics engineers and designers at their start-up headquarters in Redwood City, California. “For Bosch, targeted investments in creative start-ups are important, as they allow us to respond to new trends at an early stage. In so doing, we are securing our access to disruptive industry developments,” said Dr. Werner Struth, a member of the Bosch board of management.

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