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Zora Robot

Zora the Robot Helps Seniors Get in Shape

Robots in homes are no longer just a device that cleans your floors for you, or science fiction on your tv, they’re helping you thrive. Two Belgian entrepreneurs have been developing a new approach to the human-robot relationship with their Zora application.

Famous Robots Print

Some robots from film and television have received more attention than certain D-list celebrities. To celebrate these hunks of metal, artist Daniel Nyari created a poster of Famous Robots from entertainment.

Robots Dispute Using Dubstep

Robots dispute over spilled “food” the only way they know how: Dubstep and colorful flashing lights. See the video after the jump…

Cruisn’ painting by Matt Q. Spangler

I fell in love with Matt Spangler’s robot paintings when I ran into his booth at Unique LA this past month. Each one of his paintings feature a cute robot doing various things and in different outfits.

Blinky™ the Creepy Pet Robot

A boy troubled by his parents fighting asks for a robot named “Blinky™” for Christmas. You can buy your kids the world but you can’t buy them love.