For most people, the attics in their homes are places where they can store all kinds of junk or other items out of sight. It’s undeniably a great place to keep things you will seldom need, and some folks have attics large enough to store plenty of items.

However, if you’re feeling guilty about using your attic as a dumping ground for your unused possessions, you’re probably thinking of turning it into a habitable room. But, what can you do with it?

If you and your family enjoy playing games at home, whether they’re of the electronic variety or “old-fashioned” tabletop ones, how about converting your attic into an entertainment room?

The following pointers will help you get started in your quest to build a dedicated recreational room for everyone to enjoy:

Make Sure Your Roof Is Watertight

Before you do anything, you must ensure that your roof is watertight. As you can appreciate, if you’ve got a leaking roof, it has the potential to damage anything in your attic – from furniture to expensive electronic equipment.

Consider asking some roofing companies to check your roof and quote on any necessary repairs for peace of mind.

Remove Any Junk

It stands to reason that you need to empty your attic before converting it into an entertainment room for you and your family. If you’ve got a lot of stuff up there, now is the time to sort through it all and either keep or discard the contents.

Install Insulation And Drywall

Once you’ve got a watertight roof and an empty attic, the next stage is to install some wall and ceiling insulation and add some drywall and plaster over it all.

Doing so will ensure that your attic is sufficiently warm during the winter months and that the rest of your home also retains heat when it’s cold outside.

Upgrade The Electrics

If you’ve only got one light fitting in your attic and the wiring is of questionable quality and safety, now is the time to carry out an electrical upgrade.

Ensure you’ve got plenty of wiring going into your attic, and connect it to a few electrical sockets and light fittings. That way, you’ll have plenty of light in your attic and sockets to power all electrical gadgets.

Put Down Some Carpet

You can consider two flooring options for your attic: wooden floors and carpet. The latter option makes the most sense because it can dampen the noise generated in your attic and diminish the sound entering any of the rooms below, such as bedrooms.

Add Some Furniture

Your entertainment room is almost complete! You now need to add some stylish furniture, such as a TV unit, sofas, chairs, and anything else you think is necessary.

Make It Entertaining

One final thing to do is make your entertainment room entertaining! Do that by adding the things you and your family will enjoy, whether that’s games consoles, pool tables, or even arcade games machines!