You’ve been staying home for a year now, so why not stay home in a home that you love, full of modern style? If you are thinking of updating your bedroom to create a modern space, then there are so many different ideas out there that there will be one to suit your style and tastes. Here are some design ideas to help you to create a modern bedroom space that you love.

Platform bed

If you are looking for an ultra-modern and stylish design idea for your bedroom, then a platform bed can be the way to go. Having a low-slung bed on a platform is stylish, unique, and definitely tips the scales into modern furniture for your bedroom. You can also get a style and finish that you will like. You can get a matching headboard too, so that the whole design looks like one piece.

Choose color wisely

If you want to create a modern-looking bedroom space, then you need to think about the colors that you use wisely. Choosing something that is too far one way can become quickly outdated, but there are some colors that scream modern much more than others. Using blue hues can be a good way to go, embracing some grey on the color palette too. Blue is a color that is calming, serene, and soothing, so it not only looks good, but can help to promote sleep and to help you to relax.

Wooden floors

Wooden floors aren’t usually a natural choice for bedrooms, but they can make the space look amazing. Team up engineered wood flooring with plush rugs, and you have got a combination that will really work well. Think about the shade of the wood that you would like to choose too. A darker wood can look more stylish, but can add to the room feeling darker overall.

Bedroom lighting

The lighting that you choose in your bedroom can help to age the room, or help to modernize it. If you have one large light in the middle of the ceiling and then some dated side lamps on your bedside table, then it will age the room. Choosing a stylish pair of matching lamps for the bed can help to make it look more modern, or you could even have them secured to the wall, much like many hotels have. You could choose a pendant light in the middle of the room, as well as a floor lamp, if you want to create a modern and stylish space. You could even embrace a lit headboard that is built into the room space, for more luxury hotel-chic.

Use mirrors to create space

If your room is a little on the smaller side, then you can make it look instantly larger by using mirrors. When you use large mirrors that are floor-to-ceiling, as well as frameless, then it opens up the space really well, making it look light and bright, which are both a must for a modern and stylish bedroom.