Little Ways To Add Some Personality To Your Home

Adding personality to your home can sometimes be difficult to do. You want to keep your house clean and tidy, but you also want to prevent it from becoming a cold and clinical place. Most of all, you’re just not sure where to put things to really add some character to your four walls!

Which is why this post is here. While even the silly things we do in our homes can add a layer of personality, they’re not quite the design choices we’re looking for! Instead, be sure to keep ideas like those below in mind if you feel like your home isn’t really offering much right now.

Set Your Lighting Just Right

The way lighting is set up in our homes goes a long way to instilling a cosy and comfortable feeling. Some cool, blue lighting can help us to feel awake, and some deep yellow lighting can make us feel more intimate within our homes. And this is a good principle to apply to your rooms too.

Setting up some RGB strip lights is an easy way to allow for a customisable lighting landscape. Stick them across the top of the walls or around the skirting boards, inside of cupboards and behind bookshelves, and make sure your lighting matches whatever you’re feeling each night. It’ll both look and feel cool!

Hang Up More Photos

If you’ve got some photo albums in the loft somewhere, or you’ve got a big photo folder on your laptop or phone, it’s time to print some out and use them to decorate your home. Having more and more photos of your loved ones around your walls is a great way to add some unique character to your decor; not only do photos help our homes to feel ‘lived in’, but they remind us of the good times as well.

And you can hang photos in a variety of ways. You can send off some pictures to get Photo Fridge Magnets developed, or you can hang up ‘photo curtains’, or even just create a framed collage somewhere in your home. Personality is all about who we are and what we love, and what says that more than those nearest to us?

Display Your Collections

Got some nerdy collections hidden away in your bedroom or the loft? Break them out and set them up – this is your home, and you’re allowed to display the models or stamps or even the extensive video game collection that you loved putting together!

This is a great way to add a sense of style that’s totally you, and these collections will act as talking points whenever you’ve got guests round or a party going on. So if you create your own art, go ahead and hang it up on the walls and be proud of the space you live in.

Adding personality to your home doesn’t need to be difficult. Think about what you love and then add it in somewhere – it’ll always work!

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