My Top Favorite Things About My New Home

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Bank of America.

What influences your homebuying decisions? According to Bank of America’s Homebuyer Insights Report, 63% of all homebuyers say their children have input on what type of home to buy. As of right now, I’m part of the 37% on the account of having no kids. However, many factors did influence my homebuying decisions, and some are even my favorite things about it. Here are a few:

Having my own office

New office

Nothing quite like an organized desk

As someone who works from home, it’s of the utmost importance that I have a quiet place to work. It’s so easy to get distracted when your work area is noisy or worse, filled with people. Having a place to escape–like a home office–is essential for productivity. My new home has 3 bedrooms; one of which is designated as my private office. It’s well lit, quiet, and best of all, spacious enough to fit a full-size couch in it. Sometimes you gotta take a quick power nap, ya know?

Investing in my family’s future

I am fully aware that owning a home is a privilege, especially in a major city like Los Angeles. Home loans aren’t exactly growing on trees and the cost of living here can be quite daunting, so I will never take for granted my opportunity to purchase a home rather than rent.

Early on in life I knew that investing was the only way for me to create a great future for my family. As a newly married couple who are both self-employed, we need to be smart with our money and be careful not to waste it. Buying a home just made sense as our next big piece of the investment puzzle.

“Millennials are buying the house they can afford now and looking ahead to their dream home in the future”

I must admit that before I really started to look for homes, I was quite ignorant to the entire homebuying process. Had I had access to something as helpful as Bank of America’s Homebuyer Insights Report, well, I think I would have been far better off.

Hosting holiday parties

Hosting holiday parties

Sometimes Sarah and I go all out at our dinner parties. Not one person is mad about it ;)

I’m a huge holiday nut. I don’t exactly go crazy with the decorations, but you can be sure that I will be the first to put on holiday movies while cooking up a ridiculous holiday feast. This usually goes on from the beginning of November until the end of December. During this time, my wife and I love to host holiday parties. We’ll use any excuse to cook for our friends and family in our new place.

One of my favorite things about our new home is the fact that it’s double the size of our previous apartment. It’s great for when my nieces come over to see us. Plenty of room for them to play.

Niece by the Christmas tree

My niece at our first Christmas get together at the new house

The pride in ownership

Drone View of Houses

The only feeling of pride that equates to me owning my new home is the feeling I get when I talk about my wife. It’s hard not to wear a big smile on my face when I talk about Sarah, or in this case, my new house.

Since I was young, my parents always struggled to make ends meet. It’s not to say they didn’t provide for my brother and me, because they did, it’s just that I knew I wanted more out of life when it was time to take care of myself. I knew that when I got married and started my family, I would start to invest in our future through various business ventures and real estate. Now that I’m here and ready to move in, I have an enormous sense of pride that I can’t help but show when I talk about my new home.

I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Bank of America’s HBIR found that 95% of current homeowners feel proud of owning their home. It’s a great feeling!

If your dream is to someday buy a home and you want to know more about the process, you really need to check out the Homebuyer Insights Report. While you’re there educating yourself, make sure you take a look at all of their available tools and resources that can help simplify the homebuying process for you. We personally used Bank of America’s Affordable Loan Solution, Real Estate Center and first-time homebuyer-specific pages.

Learn more about the homebuying process at the Bank of America Home Loans website.

Not to sound cliché, but if I can do it, so can you. What are you waiting for?

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