We’ve all been there before. We just got done putting in a fresh load of laundry, only to discover a few choice items left hiding under the bed. This use to be a problem, until Samsung Home Appliances unveiled their new Samsung WW8500 AddWash system at this year’s IFA.

The WW8500 AddWash is a new washing machine that makes is easy to add a piece of forgotten laundry to the wash mid-cycle. No longer will you have to worry about your front-load washer splashing water on the ground because of opening it mid-wash. The Samsung AddWash has an extra door located on the upper part of the main door; just simply add any missed pieces of clothing. It can also be used to add additional detergent or fabric softener.

“The new front-loader with the AddWash feature will make your laundry stress-free,” said BK Yoon, President and CEO at Samsung Electronics. “With its unique features, it is a perfect time-saving and convenient solution for busy families.”

The AddWash door — big enough for a sweater or pair of jeans — comes with the added safety of a child lock to help keep the little ones out of harms way. Or just keeps them from stopping the wash all together.

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Along with its AddWash features, the Samsung WW8500 washing machine has a vast selection of smart functions. They work with iOS and Android smartphones to help monitor the progress of the laundry, with options to alert users on their phone right before the start of a new washing cycle begins. Samsung’s SuperSpeed feature will complete a normal load of laundry in less than an hour without compromising performance.

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