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Samsung FlexWash + FlexDry Laundry System

Samsung FlexWash + FlexDry Laundry System

You can always rely on Samsung to put out cool products around CES. Last year, I was at both CES and IFA with Samsung Home Appliances and got to check-out all the cool stuff first-hand. This year is no different.

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

Samsung Introduces Family Hub at CES 2016

As a Samsung Home Appliances Ambassador I was pleased to hear that they were interested in me flying out to Vegas to attend CES 2016. Just last year I had the good fortune of joining Samsung in Berlin for my first IFA event.

Samsung WW8500 AddWash

Samsung Home Appliances Unveils Samsung WW8500 AddWash at IFA 2015

We’ve all been there before. We just got done putting in a fresh load of laundry, only to discover a few choice items left hiding under the bed. This use to be a problem, until Samsung Home Appliances unveiled their new Samsung WW8500 AddWash system at this year’s IFA.