Stumble Upon: A Rug that Actually Looks Better After You Trip Over It

For literally thousands of years people have been using rugs to dress up our living rooms with the added benefit of keeping dirt at bay. Unfortunately, from the very moment we began implementing these floor coverings, so commenced the futile struggle we’ve had with keeping bumps and wrinkles at bay when we have the audacity to introduce a coffee table into the mix. Inspired by this all too familiar endeavor, designer Alessandro Isola has created a rug that solves this problem in an incredibly innovative way. Called the “Stumble Upon”, the result of an accidental trip on this carpet is the creation of an entirely new surface.

Stumble Upon Side View

The top of this rug is of a conventional style; something that looks soft, handmade, and inviting. On the underside, however, lies a rigid yet malleable reflective surface that rivals in attractiveness with its reverse. Simply flip a corner and this single furnishing simultaneously offers two very different surfaces, textures, and functions. Whether you enjoy a minimalist style, reside in a studio apartment where multi-purpose furniture is prudent, or just happen to be tired of fighting out the furrows in your current floor décor, the Stumble Upon is a great piece to consider.

Stumble Upon Rug

Stumble Upon Rug

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