Handcrafted in America from salvaged black walnut wood, the TimberHarmony Dock Lamp is a stunning accessory that will provide soft and relaxing lighting, artfully charge any phone or tablet, and organize your possessions — while lasting through generations.

Closeup of the Timberharmony Dock Lamp


Every man needs a place to keep his personal items at the end of a long day. TimberHarmony Dock Lamp makes a perfect place to keep your favorite things together in one spot. At 15″ x 9″ it’s large enough to comfortably house your watch, wallet, keys, glasses and phone. With everything organized in the same place, you won’t have to find your watch on the nightstand, keys on the kitchen table and phone in the sofa cushions.


Additionally, it is a convenient place to charge your devices. You can charge any tablet or any 2 phones vertically or horizontally. Whether you’re an Apple or Android fan, the dock can accommodate your device with or without a case.


In addition to serving as overnight shelter for all your important stuff, TimberHarmony is also a lamp. It features a high-end brass socket with a twist-on twist-off switch — accompanied by a light bulb from the beginning of last century making it rugged and reserved yet sophisticated and timeless. The socket can accommodate any standard bulb should you choose to try different looks, however the Edison-style bulb that comes with it gives warm and relaxing light that compliments deep walnut colors perfectly.

Each TimberHarmony Dock Lamp is made by hand from live edge, solid black walnut and then hand polished using natural oils and beeswax making it a pleasure to display and handle. It is a mega-functional sculpture for any desk, nightstand or entry hall that combines fine, natural materials, craftsmanship and environmental consciousness. It will become the one and only place to charge and display your favorite possessions, offer intimate lighting (and one day pass on to your grandchildren).