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Timberharmony Dock Lamp

TimberHarmony Dock Lamp

Handcrafted in America from salvaged black walnut wood, the TimberHarmony Dock Lamp is a stunning accessory that will provide soft and relaxing lighting, artfully charge any phone or tablet, and organize your possessions — while lasting through generations.

Núvol Lamp

Núvol Lamp

The Núvol Lamp is a lamp designed for indoor use made from opalescent acrylic pieces. It emits a soft glowing light that when combined in groups gives you the sense of light beaming through clouds.

Eclipse Floating Lamp

This lamp may seem like something from the Jetsons but I assure you it’s for real. The Eclipse Floating Lamp uses an integrated levitation technology that consists out of electromagnetic components.

The Titanic Lamp

I’m not sure this is the most practical lamp I’ve ever posted but it still provides the “WOW” factor. The Titanic Lamp got it’s name by.. well.. looking like the Titanic sinking into the ocean (your table).

Vintage Motorcycle Lamp

Typically men don’t like decorating their home. They’ll leave it to their woman to do all the dirty work.