When winter is here we tend to ignore our outside space and with spring approaching now is a better time than ever to start tackling our gardens. If you are not a keen gardener then you might not know how to improve your outside space, don’t fret as that’s why you have come to us and we have all the top tips to get you started.

Give It A Tidy Up

Start by tidying up the borders, this will instantly make your garden look sleek and bigger. If you are not one to keep on top of tending your bushes think about changing up your boundary and installing a fence instead. After the boundary is nice and tidy focus on cleaning your patio or decking area, grime can build up if left unattended so consider employing pressure washing services to ensure you clean the deck or patio thoroughly.

Add Some Lighting

Adding in some fairy lights can transform your garden into a romantic tranquil setting once the evening hits. Cuddle up outside under sparking lights with a hot chocolate and blanket. Incorporating lights also works well when you have people over, as when the evening darkens you can stay in the garden and not have to all congregate in your house.

Combine the Outdoors With In

If you are thinking about doing some renovations then think about combining your outdoors with your in. If your kitchen or living room back on to the garden you could install some bi-folding doors. Not only do bi-folding doors let in a lot of light, when open they create an open plan feeling and give your kitchen an alfresco feeling.

Incorporate Mirrors

If your garden is on the smaller side, incorporating mirrors can help give the illusion of a bigger space, they also will make your garden brighter. Ensure that the mirrors you use are weatherproof, if you are feeling creative you could decorate the border of the mirror with flowers.

Liven Up With Plants

If your outside space is looking dull, think about adding in some plants and flowers to brighton it up. You don’t have to go extreme, just a few plant pots dotted around will bring your garden to life.

Lay Artificial Grass

If you like a more low maintenance garden then consider switching your lawn to artificial grass. Artificial grass requires little to no attention and as there is not mud you can use your garden all year around without the fear of getting muddy. The artificial grass in El Cajon, CA, offers the highest quality synthetic grass for your home.

Create A Seating Area

You want to be able to enjoy your garden so create a seating area for those summer days and evenings. It could be a large seating area with a table to enjoy alfresco meals together or a chair swing in a hidden secluded area for some peace and tranquility.

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