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Sometime late last year, I’m not quite sure when, I decided it was time to take my health seriously and start changing my lifestyle for the better. The goal was to not only get in tip-top-shape before my wedding (May this year), but to maintain a healthy lifestyle going forward. To do so, I needed the proper gear, and who better to team up with than Zappos.com.

Now, I hate to admit this, but I thought Zappos only sold shoes. I’ve purchased footwear from them in the past, but must have had blinders on to the fact that they also sell clothing, accessories, and more. Lesson learned!

Zappos provided me with some product options from Brooks to get started. I picked out Brooks PureFlow 6 running shoes, Brooks Fremont Short Sleeve Shirt, and Brooks Cascadia 7″ Shorts. See them all in action below:

The Shoes

If you’re in the market for new running shoes, these are it. The Brooks PureFlow 6 shoes feel like pillows on my feet. I’ve tried almost everything to make my feet feel normal after long runs. From special inserts to massages, nothing seemed to help. Thankfully, PureFlow 6’s cushioning is lightweight and gives a flexible response, make it ideal for road runners. Brooks design team also created them with a rounded heel, which promotes better alignment to help cut back any stress on the joints.

Brooks PureFlow 6 shoes
Brooks PureFlow 6 shoes

The Shorts

I was eager to wear the Brooks Cascadia 7″ Shorts for my first day back at Orange Theory Fitness. I’m usually pretty sweaty by the end of a class, so it was great having the DriLayer® Polyester Fabric to help keep moisture at bay. I even utilized the sweat-resistant pocket to hold my money, which zips closed for safe keeping.

Brooks Cascadia 7" Shorts
Brooks Cascadia 7″ Shorts

The Shirt

The Brooks Fremont Short Sleeve Shirt is light, comfortable, and quite possibly my new favorite workout shirt. You really feel like you are able to perform better thanks to its ventilated fabric and relax fit. Typically, during my workouts, I find my self tugging at and adjusting my shirt, due to it sticking from sweat. It’s very uncomfortable and sometimes distracting. Similar to the Cascadia Shorts, the Fremont Short Sleeve features DriLayer® Polyester Fabric to help with moisture, so this is never an issue.

Brooks Fremont Short Sleeve Shirt
Brooks Fremont Short Sleeve Shirt

I love Brooks’ dedication to the running community. They are constantly working towards making the best running gear in the world, with a belief that’s close to their heart and culture: running makes every day better, no matter your speed or level. I couldn’t agree more.

I’m excited to really start breaking in my new shoes. This is a step in the right direction to living a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

365 Day Returns with Zappos

I almost exclusively shop online these days. I’m not even sure the last time I purchased something in store, other than the occasional stop at the grocery store. It’s brands like Zappos who are leading the industry with both fast shipping and returns that make me never want to step foot in a store again. Not to mention their 365 day return policy, which is practically unheard of.

Head on over to the Zappos x Brooks page to start picking out your workout gear this spring/summer.