Dollar High Club is a Subscription Service for Smoking Supplies

Just in time for 4/20

Dollar High Club is the Dollar Shave Club for smoking supplies, and its the first subscription box service to offer prices as low as $1 a month for a smoking experience. I can hear weed aficionados everywhere cheering with glee!

Each box is discreetly shipped from their warehouse, so customers no longer have to pay for overpriced rolling papers, filter tips, glass pipes, or anything else they might get from their local convenience store.

“I wanted to create a company that made quality smoking supplies accessible to all consumers,” says Harrison Baum, Founder and CEO of Dollar High Club. “Before I started Dollar High Club, you couldn’t get a smoking subscription box for under $20,” Baum says, “and I knew it could be done for just a dollar.”

Watch their debut video below, released just in time for 4/20.

Dollar High Club Monthly Boxes

  1. $1/month All-Natural
  2. $12/month Connoisseur: 7-9 products
  3. $30/month El Primo: 10-15 products

Visit to learn more about their subscription boxes.

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