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Dollar High Club

Dollar High Club is a Subscription Service for Smoking Supplies

Dollar High Club is the Dollar Shave Club for smoking supplies, and its the first subscription box service to offer prices as low as $1 a month for a smoking experience. I can hear weed aficionados everywhere cheering with glee!
Birchbox x The League Box

The League x Birchbox

Birchbox has partnered with FXX and The League for a football season inspired box. The co-branded package will come with various grooming items including Hue for Every Man, Jack Black, Lab Series and other times such as W+P Mason Stones and Lil' Reds shot cups.
Dollar Shave Club

TESTED: Dollar Shave Club

Men, let's face it -- none of us like buying razors. I can't tell you how many times I've skipped a few days of shaving, maybe even a few weeks just to save some cash. You can buy the cheap razors, but your skin will certainly show that you skimped on a quality blade. This is where Dollar Shave Club comes in.
Flaviar Spirits Subscription Service
Food & Drink

Flaviar – A Spirits Subscription Service

If you follow Joe's Daily, you know we talk a lot about booze. Everything from recipes to exclusive, long forgotten blends from distilleries we never knew existed. Call it a passion, or perhaps a problem.