There are lots of reasons for someone wanting to grow their own cannabis, such as wanting more control over your bud, hoping to save money over time, or simply enjoying the process of producing a plant. Once you’ve conquered the learning process of a beginner grower, though, you may want to craft more unique strains than you’ve worked with so far. From replicating a favorite hybrid strain to focusing on a particular benefit, perfecting your home growing process to perfect a specific strain can make your cannabis cultivation even more rewarding.

Figure out what you want as your result

Learn how to grow cannabis

When it comes to growing a unique strain of cannabis, you’ll get the best results if you put in some thought ahead of time. Think about what sort of strain it is you want to cultivate. Maybe you’re dreaming of a white widow strain you enjoy and would love to recreate yourself. You might want to take inspiration from white widow but create a version with even more of a high THC content (the original white widow reports up to 25%). Your intended strain might simply be one with a particular flavor or aroma!

Consider your goals

How to grow cannabis

Taking your optimal result a step further, one of your top considerations should be your goals for the strain. You might start by studying a popular strain you already love, then use that information to begin building a unique take on that strain. Do you want a type of cannabis that will help increase your energy? Opt for a sativa variety. Prefer an option that will ease your mind? A strain in the indica family might be a better fit. Want something even more unique? A hybrid or ruderalis creation will create a less popular strain, crafting an option that’s even more original.

Master the basics

Mastering Weed Growing


Before you begin cultivating your unique strain of cannabis, it’s essential to be sure you’ve covered the basics. If you haven’t got a thorough understanding of how to grow a simple strain, you’ll struggle to perfect something more complex. Pay attention to your tools and to-dos for the growing process, whether you utilize a bottled water delivery service to make sure your buds always have adequate clean water or you adjust the time or spacing of your planting. When you understand these factors inside and out, you‘ll have a better chance of growing high-quality cannabis.

Think through the aftermath


Once you’ve harvested your cannabis plant, there are lots of different ways you can recycle its stems, leaves, or stalk. You might use the fan leaves to create tea, roots for a topical salve, or even make cannabutter from the smaller sugar leaves. Once you’ve figured out what sort of cannabis plant meets your initial needs, you should consider whether that good time can extend post-harvest. How can you use the spare parts of your cannabis plant for another use, and what qualities would you look for to do so? Pay attention to how this might impact your cannabis-growing plans.

No matter your reasons for growing your own cannabis or what you’re hoping to accomplish with the final product, many factors go into growing the perfect cannabis plant. When you want to produce an incredibly unique strain—be that a particular potency or specific scent—that process requires even more attention. From the seeds you choose to plant to the light cycle and water quality you use, your cannabis plant‘s growth will depend on every choice you make along the way. With the proper attention and plenty of practice, though, you can learn to cultivate cannabis of any kind from the comfort of your home.