I’ve loved the money I’ve saved by switching to Metromile and you will too. Read my Metromile review below and see how easy it is to start saving money on your car insurance.

How Using Metromile Helps You Go Green

From about the time we first moved in together, my wife has been introducing new eco-friendly changes to our home about every 6 months or so. First, it was hang-drying our laundry, next it was cutting back on single-use disposable items like water bottles and paper towels, then it was buying as much local produce as possible. Not too long ago we made it to the point where basically everything we do has to be as responsible as we can make it. Obviously, this is something I’m happy to get on board with. The only bad thing about it is that it requires just a little more research than it would otherwise. Thankfully, living this way is much easier to do than it was even five or ten years ago with so many businesses jumping on the “green train”. Even when it comes to random things like buying car insurance, companies like Metromile have definitely made things easy for us.

It’s 99.99% paperless

While it’s true that many companies these days allow you to opt-in to make things paperless, very few go as far as Metromile does. First of all, you don’t “opt-in” at all. From the very moment you sign up, that’s just how things are. Everything from policy information to proof of insurance is available immediately through the app or their website, so there’s no need to send them to you through the mail. To date, I’m fairly certain the only paper I’ve ever received from them was in the form of two tiny pieces explaining how to install the Pulse. That’s it. Considering how much that helps the environment PLUS the fact that it saves me from the great mental debate about whether or not it’s worthy of taking up the physical real estate in my home makes it a solid double-win in my book.

Helps you keep track of routines

Shopping at the Farmer's Market

While using some kind of navigational system or app can help us make sure that we’re on the shortest route to a destination, it doesn’t do a whole lot for analyzing our patterns. Maybe you didn’t realize how often you were running to the grocery store or could stand to bundle your errands to make things more efficient. Maybe those routes you’ve been taking by heart aren’t actually the fastest way to get somewhere. The Metromile Pulse keeps track of all the drives you’ve taken and displays them for you right in the app. Once you’ve had it installed long enough to get a good representation of your habits (it was about a month for us) all you have to do is pull it up and you can easily figure out where to make improvements. In the end, it saves you time, gas, and your hard-earned money.

Use less, pay less

Not so unconnected from what I just mentioned above, once you’re aware of something it’s easier to change it. In addition to keeping track of the routes you’ve been driving, the Pulse logs all of the miles you cover—which is exactly how they figure out how much you’ll owe that month. Having the ability to see how much driving you’re doing can lend itself to getting motivated to use different kinds of transportation. Do more driving than usual this month and looking to keep your bill AND carbon footprint down? Perhaps it’s time to bust out that bike or take the bus when you head out this weekend. The key is that Metromile gives you tools to stay on top of what you’re doing, so making a difference can be too.

Keeps track of your vehicle’s inner workings

Installing the Metromile Pulse Device

In case you’re not aware yet, keeping a car running smoothly is helping to keep it green. If certain parts or systems aren’t in the best of shape, there’s a good chance that things won’t be so hot in the gas mileage or emissions departments either. So how does Metromile help with this particular issue? Once again it comes down to the Pulse. Because it plugs directly into your car’s OBD-II port (onboard diagnostics port) it can assist with making you aware when something’s out of place, or keying you in on why that check-engine light might be on. Of course, you should still stay on top of those routine maintenance visits, but it definitely doesn’t hurt to have this guy around for the time in between.

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