I had the pleasure of having a phone interview with the hilarious, Blake Anderson, from what I think will be the new hit show on Comedy Central called Workaholics. Blake and his crew (MailOrderComedy) from the show were in Austin for SXSW promoting Workaholics.

Unfortunately I was unable to interview the whole cast as planned due to me feeling under the weather. Luckily I was able to setup a phone interview with at least one of them and learn a little more about how they started.

Joe: Are you having fun in Austin, is it your first time visiting?

Blake: First time here, so radical! So much music and beer, everything I love!

Joe: Have you, Adam and Anders been working together for a long time?

Blake: Absolutely, we started doing internet stuff about 5 years ago and we’ve been together ever since. Me, Adam and our director Kyle are roommates so we’re literally together 24 hours a day. We’ve been doing it for awhile so it’s like working with my best friends, it’s awesome.

Joe: One of my favorite YouTube skits you guys did was ‘Musical Beers‘.

Blake: We use to do that live since it was a fan favorite. We took that on the road with us.


Joe: If you were asked to be in a film and it was a dramatic role, would you be interested?

Blake: A dramatic role? Oh Hell yeah, dude! Basically my end game is to play a Marvel superhero in some epic tear jerker. I think we’re all looking to get serious but our hearts fly in comedy.


Joe: One of my Twitter followers wanted to know if all of your big breaks came when Comedy Central picked up the show.

Blake: Oh yeah, for sure. It’s actually really weird, we came up as the internet crew but we are proud to say we are one of the least watched internet crews. We have been just really lucky that one of the executives at Comedy Central saw our stuff and gave us the chance to pitch the show. We were so use to doing our stuff with no budget and now all of a sudden we have money to work with.

I’m really excited to see the feedback the show gets when it aires. Workaholics starts April 6th and will be following Southpark. Be sure to keep an eye out for it!

You can also pick up the their comedy album now on iTunes!