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Ride Max Mayfield’s Bike to Your Stranger Things Premiere Party Tonight

That’s right, given that you’re willing to make a trip over to Target and drop a cool $220 before this evening, you could be riding this snazzy replica of Max’s Mongoose to that Stranger Things season 3 viewing party you’ve got lined up for tonight. Granted, if you’re a grown-ass adult, the ride might be a little bit on the awkward side. However, one look down at that authentic Hawkins Bicycle License sticker and you’ll be able to swallow those feelings of shame no problem.*

*While here at Joe’s Daily, we like to encourage you to live your best life, maybe consider only actually buying this bike for a child, as it is officially listed as a “Kids’ bike,” and we don’t want you to break your neck.

Stranger Things Max Mongoose Bike


Weekday Apex Map Swim Shorts via ASOS

As much as I enjoy a great pattern on my clothing, a person can only own so much floral (though my wife would definitely disagree). That said, whenever I’m looking for an item of clothing with a decent amount of personality, I know I can turn to ASOS for plenty of options. As we’re almost halfway through summer (not really) I’ve been thinking about switching up my swim short game, and I was not disappointed. These Weekday Apex Map Swim Shorts feature a bold desert mountain print ideal for both home and vacation. The icing on the cake: they’ll only set you back about $40.

Weekday Apex Map Swim Shorts


The Lion King Characters Photo Series

Okay, while I’m never really a stranger to happily featuring nostalgic things on The Weekend Drop, I have to admit it’s a bit of a theme for this week’s (not sorry). For our Art + Design feature, we thought you might want to check out this excellent photo series of the digital characters from this year’s The Lion King and the actors voicing them. While director Jon Favreau originally featured them on Twitter, the high-res versions have since been released, and they’re pretty spectacular. Check them out on Gizmodo here.

Donald Glover Lion King Portrait


A Shaving Cream and Aftershave Lotion in One

Van Der Hagen®, a Men’s Care brand from Universal Beauty Products, Inc. offers a unique product serving a dual purpose: a shaving cream that provides excellent razor glide AND an aftershave serving as a soothing lotion by rubbing it in after the shave. As someone who shaves their head two to three times a week, this is a huge win!

Van Der Hagen Shave Butter
Van Der Hagen


Mike Tyson Is Every Family Matters Character in This Unsettling Deepfake Video

Don’t you love it when two different pieces of nostalgia come together in an unorthodox way to create an unsettling piece of media that will both haunt your dreams and ruin your childhood all in one go? ….no? When we first learned about Deepfake technology, it was accompanied by warnings of the potential damage it could cause with the impersonation of important figures. Well, evidently they didn’t see Dr. Fakenstein and all the damage they’d be doing to our psyches. Nevertheless, we’re here now—with a video of Mike Tyson playing every character in the opening credits of Family Matters. Fair warning before you take a look: you can’t unsee it once you’re done.

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