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Succulents Box – A Subscription Box that Delivers you Succulents

Pretty sure we have all been part of a subscription box service sometime in our lives. They have been all the rage over the last decade, especially now during the pandemic. One I’m really excited about right now is Succulents Box. How does a new succulent delivery to your doorstep every month sound?

Succulents Box


Volcanica Coffee – Curated Coffee Produced from Volcanic Regions

Coffee is my lifeline and I couldn’t be more excited to try this company I discovered. Volcanica Coffee has a variety of coffee produced in Volcanic regions around the world. I’m most excited about their Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. I still dream about the coffee I had in Jamaica during my work trip a few years ago.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee


How Did I Get Here Shop – ‘Neat’ Embroidered Beanie

Cold weather is right around the corner, so I thought it was time to feature a beanie from my personal collection. The ‘Neat’ beanie is comfy, warm, and comes in six different vibrant colors. Grab yourself one of these and maybe one of our Stanley Dribbling Shirts.

'Neat' beanie


Displate – Metal Posters with a Great Cause

I have been a huge fan of Displate since they first sent me their blueprint collection to review. Their metal posters are thin, sleek, and easy to put up. Best of all you don’t have to put any holes in your walls, so if you rent you won’t have to worry about upsetting your landlord. They have various collections from talented artists, including specific designs in Marvel, DC, and popular video games. My new favorite collection is their Cyberpunk 2077 posters.

Displate Metal Posters

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