Chances are you are like me. You’ve heard of Massage Envy before, but have never been. Not because you don’t like massages, but because you think you don’t have the time, or my favorite, it’s too expensive. Up until a few weeks ago, I could relate to both of those excuses. However, after my Scottsdale weekend at their summit, I’m happy to say this is no longer the case.

Massage Envy's new logo

To kick-start my 2017 ambassadorship with Massage Envy, I flew to Scottsdale, Arizona where their headquarters is located and learned how I could #DoMore. Do more of the things that make me happy by taking care of the thing that’s most important: me.

Massage Envy is More Than Just Massages

Don’t let their name fool you: Massage Envy is much more than just massages. Though, after receiving my first one from them while in Scottsdale, I wouldn’t be mad about them offering just massages as they’re that good.

Massage Envy’s CEO, Joe Magnacca, spoke to us during the summit, really driving home that they feel themselves more as an innovation company than anything else. This becomes quite apparent when you hear their leadership team talk about their tech meets wellness mentality, and how they’re constantly on the lookout for new products and trends to keep their members healthy, happy and doing more to improve their lives.

Massage Envy Massages

More Than Just a Membership

During the summit we went around the table and answered what we actually knew about their company. Almost the entire table admitted they had never stepped foot or done research into Massage Envy previously. This also included how their membership worked. Outside of a few of us who had family members that have a membership at ME, we knew very little. I had no idea the value being a member actually held. Here’s some of what’s included.

  • One 60-minute wellness massage session or healthy skin facial session per month. Each session includes 10 minutes for consultation.
  • Unlimited additional massages or skin care sessions at special member rate.
  • Unused sessions roll over, and can be combined to cover longer, more expensive treatments.
  • Earn free massages by referring friends.

For a full list of member benefits, visit ME’s membership details page.

Total Body Stretch

A new program rolling out across the country mid-May, and one I am extremely excited about, is their Total Body Stretch. Professional stretch assistance shouldn’t be limited to pro athletes and physical therapy appointments. Massage Envy knows this and that’s why they’re offering training to therapists who are interested in providing these stretching sessions. Stretching, according to Erin McGill, a certified personal trainer and development manager at the National Academy of Sports Medicine, is one of the best ways to undo the damage caused by inactivity. To put it simply: stretching is for everyone, and something that ME members should take advantage of.

Massage Envy Total Body Stetch

At the summit, we were treated to a full Total Body Stretch session, and got to see firsthand how this treatment is going to improve not just the life of Massage Envy’s members, but also the therapists who perform them. You might not be aware of this, but the average career for a massage therapist is pretty short (up to a decade if they’re lucky). Massaging takes a toll on their joints, and can sometimes even cause them injuries. The Total Body Stretch helps them reset throughout the day with low impact work, while still being able to do what they love most–help their customers feel better.

My personal workout of choice is doing Orange Theory Fitness 2-3 days a week when I’m not traveling for work. If not OTF, then whatever gym the current hotel I’m staying in provides. Since I travel for a living, I’m in and out of planes almost every other week, so you can imagine my body is pretty cramped and beaten up. This is why I’m excited for Massage Envy’s Total Body Stretch. I plan on going in for a stretch session at least once a month to reset my body in between trips and massage treatments.

Massage Envy’s Skin Care Treatments Are Top Notch and Affordable

Remember earlier when I mentioned that you shouldn’t let Massage Envy’s name fool you? Their skin care treatments are the reason why.

Between their 60-minute Customized Healthy Skin Facial, Microderm Infusion™ Treatment, and (something I very much needed) Chemical Peel Treatment, they have you covered.

Massage Envy Facials

For my fellas, the ones that think facials are solely for the ladies, think again. Skin care treatments are more than just a way to beautify yourself in the moment, it’s a way to keep your skin looking young and healthy for as long as you possibly can. Massage Envy even provides an exclusive facial just for guys, the 60-Minute Men’s Facial Session, which focuses on the particular demands and needs of men’s skin.

My Massage Envy Ambassadorship

I’m really excited to be kicking off my ambassadorship with Massage Envy. Throughout 2017, you can expect to see me sharing my treatment experiences on social, so be sure to follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

This post is sponsored by Massage Envy. All opinions are my own.