Saturday evening was not like any other. While in New Orleans for All-Star Weekend, myself and 20-or-so other bloggers headed over to The Metropolitan Night Club with Crown Royal to partake in a little whisky tasting. Little did we know we would be in the company of a NBA Legend.

Inside the private room at The Metropolitan we were sat at a u-shaped table that had four different Crown Royal whiskies to sample. Our whisky master for the evening was Robert Sickler, who I have to say is a complete boss. The man lives and breathes the delicious Canadian nectar, and was more than happy to indulge us with his knowledge on the brand’s rich history and their latest endeavor, Crown Royal XO.

While all of us bloggers were getting settled and snapping photos for our Instagram, in walks Julius Erving, Dr. J himself. Say what?!? We heard from the previous night that he might make an appearance, but judging from the reactions around the room, you would have thought we had no idea. As the room went silent, Dr. J went around to very politely introduce himself, and thank everyone for coming. Such a class act. Ps: I shook his hand, and it was HUGE!

Julius Erving & Robert Sickler

Dr. J has been working with Crown Royal as a brand ambassador for the Reign On campaign. He helped spread the word about Crown Royal XO throughout All-Star Weekend, as well as co-judge the 2014 Slam Dunk Contest. During the tasting, Erving opened up and let us ask any questions we had. You can tell the man really enjoys good conversation, especially while drinking something as smooth as XO. I can relate.

Huge thanks to Crown Royal for inviting Joe’s Daily to New Orleans for All-Star Weekend. It was a blast!

Joe's Daily with Reign On Bloggers and Dr. J

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