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The Lowercase A-Team

Have a problem? Need some soldiers of fortune to help you out? Don’t fret, call the Lowercase A-team.

Death from Oil. A tribute to BP

The ever so famous oil company BP has stated they are solving the current issues with the spill. I’m sure their main concern is how much oil they’ve lost and not so much the amount of damage they’ve done to the ocean and it’s habitat.

NES Stop Motion

Beautifully created stop motion video based off of the classic NES games. I love the Zelda and Contra spoofs.

Create your own micro-sim card

Have you wondered how to take your current sim card and turn it into the new micro-sim you heard about? Don’t fret if you have hands like Michael J. Fox because now there is a tool just for you.

Movie Illustrations by Josh Cooley

Josh Cooley is a talented storyboard artist for Pixar. He’s worked on many of the hits such as UP, Cars, and Ratatouille. Along with working on the Pixar classics he’s been busy with his book, “Lil’ Inappropriate Golden Books”.

Aviator headphones by Jay-Z

Seems like nowadays it’s the cool thing to make your own headphones. Following the Dr. Dre Beats, Jay-Z recently came out with the Aviators.

M.I.A Complex Cover

Only a year after giving birth to her first son, Ikhyd, M.I.A has blessed the cover of Complex Magazine. Her third album is due out next month.