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Don’t mess with the GaGa!

This is hilarious. With the recent controversy between GaGa and Katy Perry it seems extremely appropriate. I guess Katy Perry’s Tweet didn’t go unseen.

Super Mario Beatbox

This guy is sick! Japanese beat-boxer Hikakin owns the classic Nintendo Super Mario soundtrack using pure vocals. Check it out after the jump…

Cool Finds

Here’s a collection of images I’ve come across recently that I thought was cool. Hope you enjoy them too!

Kanye surprises fans at Jay-Z concert

The Isle of Wight Festival got a major surprise the other night. While Jay-Z was performing, Kanye West surprised the fans by coming on during his portion of the song. The place went crazy!

Israel- Gaza Aid Flotilla- PROTEST

Protesters are furious about how the Israeli Navy sailors embarked on a warship in order to stop a flotilla of supposed activists attempting to deliver aid to Gaza in spite of Israel’s blockade May 30, 2010 in Haifa, Israel.

How the Military uses Social Media during war

Imagine if your job entailed you sitting in front of a computer all day analyzing chat rooms, meanwhile providing feedback to Marines about roadside bombs and Taliban gunfire. This is the life of some of our Marines, like First Lt. Jamie Christopher.

The Lowercase A-Team

Have a problem? Need some soldiers of fortune to help you out? Don’t fret, call the Lowercase A-team.