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Mario’s 25th Anniversary

What better way to celebrate the spunky italians 25th Anniversary then with a picture of what he would actually look like if he aged. David Park is the creator of this awesome illustration. He’s a Brooklyn based artist and a true talent.

The VW Rollgolf

So I’m not really sure what this car is for but it’s entertaining to watch. Check out this little VW Golf roll when the driver slams on his breaks. The music is hilarious too!

Flash. A new case by Incase and Kishimoto

The new case from Incase, designed by Eley Kishimoto, is called Flash ($TBA) and it’s pretty loud. I love the design as well as the colors they provided; black, magenta, blue, red, gray.

Ballet Dancers in a Box

I wish I looked like these dancers. Ripped, limber, and hot.

Photographer, Marc Von Borstel seems to shoot his best photos of people practically nude.

New York Fashion Week at a Glance

If you’re like me and spend more time in a cubicle dreaming of fashion instead of experiencing it on the runway here is a recap of three shows from some of my favorite designers featured in the 2011 Spring New York Fashion Week.

Wine Filling Station in France

I wish the US supermarkets had a Wine filling section. This is a clever idea. France is fixing the economy by going back a few centuries. Back when you use to go to the shops in tonneaux and fill your own jugs.