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Banksy, “Haring Dog”

The famous street artist, Banksy, doing what he does best. Creating beautiful street art to go along with the rest of this crazy world.

All Saints Zlottie Hoodie

While walking through the Santa Monica Place mall with my friend we stopped in my favorite store All Saints. Of course I knew I’d find something I loved. The Zlottie Hoodie ($150) is a double breasted cardigan sweater, and it’s UBER comfortable.

Motorized Scooter Fail

I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time. There is some really dumb people out there. Watch this guy get owned by the elevator.

Make some Flower Eggs this Sunday

Make your significant other some special eggs this Sunday!

If this doesn’t score you some points I don’t know what will. Call Dr. Phil.

Geek bedding

The inner geek in me is squealing right now. What better way to snuggle up to the Star Wars triolgy then with a binary code blanket? While browsing the interwebs I came across this over at Unplggd, one of my favorite home blogs.

Cut the Rope Review

Chillingo, the makers of famous game titles such as; Angry Birds, COGS, and Mini Gore, has created another highly addicting game.

Sharpie Pen

You’d think something like this would have been developed ages ago. Sharpie’s Pen is perfect for sketchbook doodles, labeling, or for whatever your heart desires.