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Transformers battle by Alex Semenov

This shows what you can do with some decently priced cameras and some VFX know-how. Alex Semnov recreates Michael Bay style effects using his Canon 550D and 3d Studio Max.

Adobe plays nice with HTML5

A recent string of updates have occurred for Adobe CS5 users, enabling them easier access to HTML5. As many know Adobe has been extremely hesitant when it comes to integrating HTML5 with any of their core products.

Vulcan Greeting Hoodie by Paulo Bruno

This isn’t your ordinary hoodie. When it’s zipped you see a hand, but unzip it and you have the famous salute. This innovative hoodie was design by Paulo Bruno.

The Book of Bastards

I’m sure George Bush is shaking in his booties over this book. It entails all of Washington’s shady history.

Tesla Guitar Iron Man

Some dude playing Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man” in a metal suit, while using a Tesla coil.

Dock your everything Apple

Just about everything Apple will dock on this desk. It should be called the ‘i’ desk. Just look how it docks your iPhone, iPad, and even iMac so nicely. It’s a dream desk for any Apple junkie, like myself.

Microsoft: Death parade? Windows 7 Phone?

This is an example of real bad and stupid nerds. I’m not saying that I am not a nerd, I know I am one, but this? REALLY? It’s like Revenge of the Nerds gone horrible and just tacky!

iPod Nano Watch Band

This little device just got cooler. Using the built in clip that comes standard on all the new iPod Nano’s you’re able to attach a wrist band quite easily.