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Joy Division: A Current Perspective, a Bias Opinion

The challenge of writing about Joy Division is harder than it seems. How come you ask? Simply because there is so much to be said with such an open interpretation of facts and music (Plus, itʼs been done just about a thousand times.)

The super small MosKeyto by LaCie

This ridiculously tiny flash drive by LaCie is amazing. It’s called the MosKeyto and sticks only 6mm out from your laptop. Stick it in and just forget about it. It comes in 2 different storage capacities; 4gb($17.99) and 8gb($27.99)

Whiskey made from pee

I’m not a huge fan of Whisky myself and this makes me validate my love for Vodka. Gilpin Family Whisky is made from URINE! What? Not only does the Whisky get made with the help of pee, but it’s from old people pee. Specifically diabetics.

Drink like Homer Simpson

How many times have you watched Homer gulp down a Duff beer and wished you had one? I know I’ve been in that boat. Nothing like a frothy, nuclear orange color can of beer.

Mike Relm Remixes Old Spice

I’ve just came across another YouTuber that should be checked out. It’s this DJ/Producer named Mike Relm. This kid can remix like no other. Check out the video below of him remixing the Old Spice guy (Isaiah Mustafa).

Cassette iPhone Case

Be the most retro amongst your friends with this cool iPhone case, by Fred & Friends. It disguises your phone to be a cassette tape. Badass!

iOS 4.2 for iPad will be great!

Apple recently announced at their September 1st conference the iPad iOS 4.2 software upgrade due for November. So what are the notable things you should know?

Presidential Reunion with an All Star Cast

Funny or Die has some great videos that shouldn’t be overlooked. This one is amazing and was created to teach people about how they can fight the new Credit Card Laws. It’s genius and must have slipped right by me.