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Sperry wool boat shoe

This isn’t your ordinary boat shoe. Sperry created an urban style shoe out of their classic design. The results are sick. Can’t wait to get my feet in them.

Ever seen a birdhouse for a bat?

Everyone has seen a birdhouse. Usually contains seed for the flying rat to stop and have a bite to eat. However, I can probably safely say you’ve never seen a bat house!

Make your own Mass Effect M8 Assault Rifle

This is rad. Volpin Props shows you how to create your own Mass Effect M8 Assault Rifle.

They really go in depth with pictures and written instructions. What an awesome way to share their knowledge. The tutorial looks sweet. If I have any time I might give it a try. Maybe I can make my props before Halloween this year!

Sewing Kit Wall Sticker

“Arrange sewing seams along borders and corners to create humorous, artful designs nearly anywhere you can imagine. From Ferm Living’s self-adhesive wall art collection. Available in Black. Includes 4 pairs of scissors and 33-feet of dotted cutting lines.”

Orphan Boy

If you like Arctic Monkeys, you havenʼt heard anything yet. From the town of Cleethropes, Rob Cross, Paul Smith (“Smithy”) and Chris Day reminds us of how good the days of brit pop were in the 90’s. Picked up by Concrete Records releasing “Passion, Pain & Loyalty” expressing a bitter sweet symphony of music. Bitter for the longing one can hear in his voice and the sweetness of the surrounding instruments, true brit pop characteristics.

10 year old plays Crazy Train with Ozzy

10 year old Yuto Miyazawa got to play Crazy Train with the one and only, Ozzy Osbourne. This kid really knows how to play. He shreds the song and plays with the audience.

Foursquare Now Tells you when you’ll become Mayor

Were you giving hope of becoming the Mayor of your favorite watering hole like me? Well no longer do you have to be in the dark about what mayorships you are close to getting on Foursquare. Added just a few days ago to the mobile app is information about how many more checkins you’ll need to become the Mayor of a location after you checkin.

Kanye West “Power” Parody

With the release of Kanye West’s ego, I mean new video “Power”, you’d have to expect there to be a Parody or two. Leave it to the Visual Fx master FreddieW to do it. Awesome stuff bud, keep it up :)

Cruel Woman Dumps Cat in Dumpster

This woman is out of her god damn mind. Strolls over to a trash can while walking down the side walk when she encounters this cat. While she pets the cat getting the poor thing to trust her she opens the garbage bin and chucks the cat inside. Apparently the cat is okay but I sure hope this woman isn’t. Let’s pray this security camera was enough to catch her.

Homeless Couture vs. Classic Casual

Stars are blessed with the financial ability to wear the most stylish clothing from the hottest designers. However it is not uncommon to see celebs dressed like someone who would be asking you for spare change and calling you an ass hole when you say you don’t have any.