Sports season tickets are a great option for those who are dedicated to their favorite sport. Whether it’s the sport in general or having an affinity to a chosen team, sports season tickets have many benefits that result in many fans parting ways with a relatively big sum of money for an annual membership.

For those that are considering sports season tickets, what are the real benefits that come with them? Here are five that may convince you to take the plunge and splurge on these tickets.

It’s convenient

Having a season ticket is convenient. As soon as the game desired comes up, it’s a simple case of booking attendance and showing up to take a seat. It makes the whole process a lot simpler without having to worry about logging online to buy tickets for a highly anticipated game.

There are some games across the country and globe that can be highly popular and therefore become a nightmare to try and secure. In order to make a more stress-free process, sports season tickets provide that convenience.

Shows loyalty

With season tickets, it shows loyalty and for many, it can be a way of showing off status. It’s a little bit of an ego boost to know that the person is not just a fan of the sport or the team but they’re willing to spend a bit more money in order to show up and support their team during more games within the season.

Being able to say that you have a season ticket will likely be impressive to some fellow sports lovers of the game. For people like Stephen Troese Jr, it’s a great way to show dedication to the game and sport.

A guaranteed seat

As a season pass holder, it typically comes with an allocated seat. That means, every time there’s a game, the same seat will be available to the pass holder. This is a great way of getting a seat every time and depending on where that seat may be, it means the view won’t change.

For some, going to a game without a season pass will mean each game will come with a different view and some of those views might not be as good as the next.

Great for socializing and being part of the community

With a season pass, there’s the benefit of perhaps sitting by or near other season pass holders. Being able to see the same people every time can result in opportunities for more socializing. That’s something that can be important for those that are looking to be part of the community.


Over the year, there can be a lot of money spent on tickets for games. This can add up over the year, especially if the person is an avid fan. It may be that the cost of a season pass is cheaper than what it would cost to go to the average number of games per year.

To support a team or the sport in general, it’s worth considering the option of a season pass.