I go to the gym at 7:30 am every morning. The first thing I do in my workout routine is spend 30-40 minutes on the treadmill. Naturally, due to the amount of time I spend jogging and running I need good workout shoes. This is where RELANCE comes in.

RELANCE running shoes from France

RELANCE is a new, unisex running shoe company proudly made in France. Their mission is to produce a great running shoe without any offshore production.

“We want to take the opposite view of the usual production model used by major sportswear brands (95% of sports shoes are made in factory cities located in Asia with, sometimes, suspicious working conditions) by relocating our production in France. We want to prove to the world that an alternative is possible, the choice of an embodied and job-creating production in the ‘Hexagone.'”

Currently, RELANCE is crowdfunding their launch on Kickstarter and was kind enough to send me a pair to review before they go to market. It was perfect timing because my old pair of running shoes were needing to be replaced. I was excited to give them a proper test drive as soon as I received them.

Relance - Shoes from france

The upper of the RL-01 is made with KNIT technology (or industrial knitting). It is made directly on a machine which allows having more precision but also to limit the waste of material and thus to limit our impact on the environment. Technically this allows the shoe to be more flexible and breathable, which is what you want in a good workout shoe. The sole is designed to reduce fatigue while running, while the cushioned insole will ensure optimum comfort.

Head over to RELANCE’s site to learn more and support them on Kickstarter before they go mainstream.