How Should You Define Your Style As A Man?

It seems that masculine style, much like feminine style, has undergone many changes over the centuries, and highly depends on when and where you are. For example, in some central Asian countries wearing large, robust pieces of jewellery is more common, but in European countries, this is more muted.

Fashion can also be dictated by customs, for example in Eastern European men’s wedding rings tend to be worn on the right hand instead of the left. But even if you limit yourself to one culture, you can see how time changes style and how restrictions are now less prominent than ever. Think of a hair metal singer painting their nails and applying makeup, whereas only a few decades beforehand this may have been unthinkable.

Ironically, it’s harder to determine what your style should be as a man in 2022, because you can pretty much wear whatever makes you happy and helps you feel comfortable in yourself – within reason of course. So – without unwanting guiding parameters to push you in a certain direction, where do you begin? Let’s alternate the question and provide a few essential principles that always work no matter the time:

Work With What You Have

Sure, you might not look like Jason Momoa, but that’s fine too. You can still look like the best version of yourself – and that’s enough. So, work with what you have. Dressing confidently as a mid-thirties man with some smart shirts and fitted trousers can be healthy, as can accessorise even slightly to express yourself.

There’s no shame in trying to improve your situation through worthwhile treatments, like a beard or facial hair transplant if you deem that appropriate. But for the most part, be proud of your tastes and who you are. If you want to try that moustache and go for that pondering-author aesthetic, go for it. It’ll make a profound difference to your sense of wellbeing.

Of course, it’s not just the immediate aesthetics either. Small (or big) touches like tattoos or piercings can make you stand out (in a good way) from the crowd. There’s bound to be a Walk-in Tattoo and Piercing Shop near you, so why not pop in and see how they can improve your look and give you the edge you’ve always dreamed of.

Make Sure Your Clothes Fit (Unless They Purposefully Shouldn’t!)

Some decide to wear baggy clothes like cardigans, shirts, or even flowing trousers such as those used in authentic cultural traditions. But unless you’ve decided to wear loose clothing for a purpose like this, it can be healthy to find fitting clothes – often, having certain implements like our best shirts or blazers properly fitted will help us look fantastic. Making sure your clothes fit can help any man look his best, no matter how he’s dressed. It’s such a profound difference that we have to emphasize and recommend this pursuit strongly.

Opt For Quality, Not Quantity

It’s good to opt for quality and not quantity when buying clothes. Of course, purchasing a few plain white t-shirts, underwear and home comforts on the cheap is in no way a crime, but when it comes to structuring outfits that you wear outside during professional or formal events, it can be nice to really invest in a long-term item that shows its value. A comfortable coat, fitted, and beautiful to wear in winter can be a hallmark of your wardrobe, as can worthwhile boots, a nice watch, or blazers you wear at work. The better item you can afford, the less you have to replace it over the years.

With this advice, you’ll see how defining your style as a man can go in many directions, but with these grounding principles, you’ll at least know where to launch from.

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