The Office Shirts, Mugs, and More for The Office Fans

Fan of The Office? Me, too. I’ve watched the entire US version of The Office in its entirety no less than 15 times. Excessive? Perhaps, but I just can’t get enough of the cast dynamic and the crazy situations they get themselves into.

Left: Men of The Office, Left: Women of The Office

Left: Men of The Office, Left: Women of The Office

Because of my diehard love of the show, I helped design and develop The Office collection of products for ‘How Did I Get Here?’ shop. Their Etsy store consists of unisex shirts, coffee mugs, tote bags, and a collection of hats (coming soon).

You might have seen me feature their Stanely dribbling collection, a popular shirt design of Stanley Hudson dribbling a basketball from one of the most popular episodes to come out of season 1. It’s a huge hit and has brought in quite a few sales to the store. It’s now available in a women’s cut t-shirt as well.

Stanley Dribbling from The Office

Stanley Dribbling iPhone Case

My personal favorite from the collection is the ‘Party Planning Committee‘ shirt and tote. I’m sure any true fan of the show will consider it their favorite too!

The Office Party Planning Committee tee shirt and tote bag

Party Planning Committee tote and t-shirt

Find The Office shirts, coffee mugs, canvas tote bags, and more on Etsy.

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